Watch the video and observe the experiment.






2.- Read the information and look at the pictures. Write it on your notebook and write the words “Materials”, “Steps” and “Purpose” in the corresponding place.


The Blowing up Ballon


The main purpose of this experiment is to analyze the chemical reactions of a base ( baking soda) and an acid (lemon juice).



* A balloon.

* 4 tablespoons of water.

* A plastic bottle.

* A drinking straw.

* Juice of a lemon.

*A teaspoon of baking soda.




3.- Write on your notebook and complete the steps to carry out the experiment. Use the words in the chart. ( You can use them more than one time)







The Blowing up Balloon



First, pour the _________ in to the ________________.

Then, add  the teaspoon of _______________ into the _________________.

Next, stir the mixture using the ____________.

After that, pour the  __________________ in and quickly put the balloon over the

mouth of the  ________________.

Finally, observe how thw quemichal reaction blows the  __________ up!


4.- Investigate three different  fun experiments and  bring them to the next class.



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